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About China’s Gas Industry

Last 10 years, Chinese government focus on energy-saving emission reduction, increase environmental protection efforts, China’s natural gas industry has maintained rapid development, natural gas consumption from 2004's 39.7billion cubic meters raised to 185.5billion cubic meters in 2014, seeing an average annual compound growth of 14%, the population of using natural gas over 250million and the ratio of primary energy reaches to 5.8%.
In 2014, China's natural gas imports volume is 58.3 billion cubic meters, increased 12.5% compared to 2013. There are 31.3 billion cubic meters imported pipe gas and 27billion cubic meters in imported LNG, natural gas consumption and imports volume enjoys a rapid growth up to 31.4%. Read more..

Venue and Time

Venue for GASEX2018

Hangzhou International Expo Center is located in Qianjiang Century City, Xiaoshan District in Hangzhou, which is a capital city in China.The center is on the south bank of Qiantang River and to the east of the Third Qiantang River Bridge.Read more..

Time for GASEX2018

October 29-31, 2018 Read more..

Hotel Reservation

Northstar Hangzhou International Expo Center Hotel

The North Star Hangzhou International Expo Center Hotel has 19 floors with 262 guest rooms in total, all of which are equipped with French windows, where guests are able to overlook the grand and delicate views of Qiantang River and the Sky Garden. Enlightened by the one-line tide in Qiantang River, the design style of rooms has incorporated the connotations of “beautiful mountains and waters, peaceful landscape and ever-lasting history” of Hangzhou, based on which, all spaces and functions are harmonized, to realize the perfect consistency of patterns and functions. Provided with high-level customized bedding articles, together with capacious indoor space, you are able to thoroughly experience luxurious business services. Besides, the bedding articles used are soft and gentle that are perfectly matched, so that you are able to completely relax yourself and fall asleep easily, to welcome the bright tomorrow with energy and vigor. Read more..