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Call for Your Abstract

Breakout session 1: Trade

This session focuses on the status quo of natural gas trade in Western Pacific region and aspects related to international natural gas trade, including international LNG trade, regional trade hubs, analysis on supply and demand markets, natural gas pricing, influence of the government, etc.

Breakout session 2: Natural gas supply security – natural gas grid, storage and peak-shaving

This session concerns technologies and strategies related to energy security, including gas grid planning and layout, storage capacity setting, peak-shaving technologies & solutions, national policy and strategic reserves based on market analysis.

Breakout session 3: Natural gas application – intelligent, safe, efficient 
and accessible

This session is related to case studies of the upgrading of existing technologies, applications of new technology in natural gas grid operation and end use processes. Topics may include the application of intelligent technologies on smart grid and smart kitchen, application of technologies and equipment that improve the gas grid safety, green & efficient utilization methods, accessibility of natural gas utilization and pipeline integrity management.

Breakout session 4: Youth and Female Elites Forum

This session opens to young technical elites and engineers under the age of 40, meanwhile the session also encourage more female elites join the gas industry. It aims to enhance the influence of youths and females on the solutions to the entire natural gas industrial chain development.

Submission and Deadline

  Manuscripts must be submitted electronically the above sessions.
  Please select your topic from the above breakout sessions. There are no limitations on the abstract and paper. We will evaluate automatically after your submission and inform any further process to the author.
  The deadline for submission of abstract is 30th June 2018;final paper is 31st August, 2018.
  Please ensure the paper content meet the needs of a 20-minutes presentation.